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Holy trinity episcopal academy
Tuition at Holy Trinity

Variable Tuition

A Private School Education is More Affordable Than You Might Think

Holy Trinity is Proud to Offer Variable Tuition

支付私立学校的学费是你能为365betribo88的未来做的最重要的投资之一. The extraordinary opportunities, guidance of exceptional educators, 圣三一圣公会学院强调全人儿童教育,使学生能够 Start Here. Go Anywhere. – in college, career and life. One hundred percent of Holy Trinity graduates 被大学录取,对自己的能力有信心,并为成功做好准备. 
也就是说,不要让私立学校的学费吓到你. 在圣三一学院,365betribo88致力于让私立学校教育更加普及 everyone 建立一个由来自不同经济背景的学习者组成的社区,使所有人受益. 圣三一学院的使命是欢迎来自任何宗教、有进取心、能力一般或高于一般的学生, racial, social or ethnic group.  
While Holy Trinity does not offer academic, athletic, or other merit-based scholarships, 365betribo88很自豪地提供一个可变的学费计划,帮助当前和未来的家庭与365betribo88一起负担高质量的私立学校教育.   

    • Holy Trinity campus

Learn More About Variable Tuition at Holy Trinity

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What is Variable Tuition? 

    圣三一学院的学费从来没有,也从来没有一个“通用”的价格标签. Our needs-based Variable Tuition program is based on a confidential financial assessment 以确定一个家庭对圣三一学院学费的估计贡献能力, conducted by FACTS Grant & 援助评估是一个独立的供应商,为全国6000多所学校提供服务 
  • How is the Estimated Family Contribution determined? 

    • Income 
    • Assets 
    • Family Size 
    • Other tuition obligations (secondary or college) 
    • Other expenses 

    圣三一学院学费援助委员会使用这些信息来决定是否授予可变学费, and if so, what amount. 由学费资助委员会提供的资助不需要偿还.  

    Additionally, to receive variable tuition candidates must: 

    • Have submitted an application for enrollment at Holy Trinity 
    • Have a solid academic record and remain in good academic standing 
    • Have strong character and integrity 
    • Be current with financial obligations to Holy Trinity 
    • Candidates who fail to provide the required information, do not follow the guidelines, 或错过截止日期,学费援助委员会可能不予考虑
    Read more in our Variable Tuition Policies and Procedures

    而学校则尽量公平地根据需要提供援助, 可变学费委员会还必须考虑家庭在购买住房时的生活方式选择, boats, cars, and “extras,” such as travel and club memberships. Awards granted do not apply to uniforms, lunch, transportation, field trips, or other discretionary charges.  

    圣三一学院的可变学费基金是有限的,通过多种资源的组合提供. These include annual giving, endowment income, 以及由圣三一董事会每年指定的一般营业收入的特定百分比. 圣三一学院为学生提供不同的学费,不分种族, gender, religion, national origin, or disability. 

    365betribo88在现有的资源范围内努力让尽可能多的学生和家庭能够接触到学校. 不幸的是,圣三一学院不能为每一个有资格的学生提供不同的学费.
  • Is it possible to receive a 100% Variable Tuition grant?

    No, it is not. Holy Trinity asks all families to make a financial investment in their child’s education. Our commitment to providing Variable Tuition means that we are sharing that investment with you.  
  • How Do I Apply for Variable Tuition? 

    You must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, which can be done at any time during the application process, preferably concurrent with your admissions application. If variable tuition is denied by either the school or the family, 如果365betribo88在那个学年没有上圣三一学院,那么全额的押金将被退还. 请相信所有提供给FACTS和Holy Trinity的信息将严格保密.

    1. Visit http://online.factsmgt.com/signin/3FGGQ
    2. Create a FACTS online account or login to your existing account.
    3. Begin a FACTS Application for Academic Year 2021-2022.
    4. Submit and pay for the application fee of $35 by December 31, 2020 for current/returning families and March 15, 2021 for new/prospective families. This fee is nonrefundable and is subject to change.

    可变学费资格必须每年申请和评估. 可变学费的申请过程是自我管理的,允许家庭从开始到结束跟踪每一步.

    Please note, the FACTS application priority deadline is March 15.

    有关可变学费的更多信息,请联系365betmobile办公室 admissions@htes.org.
  • Helpful Hints for Applying for Variable Tuition 

    • Don’t wait until you’re accepted to apply for variable tuition. You may complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment at any time during the application process; you do not need to wait until your registration has been completed. If financial aid is denied by either the school or the family, 如果365betribo88在那个学年没有上圣三一学院,那么全额的押金将被退还.

    • You only have to complete one FACTS application 即使你有几个365betribo88在申请圣三一学院或其他使用FACTS作为财政援助/可变学费的学校的援助.

    • Be sure to complete each section entirely.

    • 如果你有特殊情况,你认为可变学费委员会应该知道, 请将这些资料包括在申请表格的“说明”部分. 

    • Use good-faith estimates for items where you may not know the exact number. 没有等到你的报税表填妥后才递交你的FACTS申请. You may use your prior year tax information as a guideline, 但要考虑到在这一年里可能发生的收入变化. 

    • In the case of parents who are separated or divorced, 三位一体要求有监护权和无监护权的家庭都要完成申请, and provide all supporting documentation. 

    • Applications will not be considered until complete. 

    • 如对完成申请有任何疑问,请致电FACTS客户服务: . 
  • Acceptance Policy 

    一旦可变学费委员会确定了补助金的金额, families will be notified by email from FACTS. 在学生被圣三一学院录取之前,可变学费不会被确定. 对于回国的学生,暂定奖项将在2月初进行沟通. 家庭须于指定日期前以事实证明(FACTS)方式接受或拒绝接受资助. If not accepted timely, the assistance may be redirected to another family, and the registration fee will be returned. 365betribo88很高兴在经济援助过程中的任何时候会见家庭.
Variable Tuition Ranges*
Kindergarten Grades 1-6 Grades 7-8 Grades 9-12
$6,800-$13,660 $5,460-$13,660 $6,725-$16,830 $7,450-$18,630
Variable tuition is not available for preschool or prekindergarten.

*对于低收入家庭,佛罗里达州立法机构创造了以收入为基础的制度 Florida Tax Credit and Florida Empowerment Scholarship Programs to assure that lower-income children have more learning options. 这些奖学金完全基于经济需求,可以弥补家庭负担能力和圣三一学院提供的可变学费之间的差距. 圣三一学院与Step Up for Students合作,为365betribo88的学生管理这些奖学金. 了解更多信息,并了解您的家人是否符合条件,请365betribo88 visit their website. 

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